St. John's Lutheran Ministries Kitchen Coordinator in Billings, Montana

7am - 3pm Monday - Friday


Preparation, service and cleanup of meals to staff, family members and guests. Works under the direct supervision of the Dining Services Manager.


Plans and prepares meals with the Elder and with others in the household to provide an appetizing, balanced and nutritious diet. Facilitates flexibility in meal plan and provision. Encourages Elder’s participation in food preparation, service, and clean up. Prepares and stores food as per requirements of Serve Safe™ course. Encourages and makes available healthy snacks. Orders groceries as per procedure Supports the Elder in adhering to special diet requirements as required by the care plan. Maintains clean work areas, utensils, and equipment. Practices appropriate sanitation and safety techniques in accord with Serv Safe. Obtains Serv Safe Certification. Practices appropriate knife and equipment safety at all times. Performs daily and weekly cleaning duties as assigned. Labels all foods appropriately. Protects equipment, utensils, food, and other items of inventory from contamination, spoilage, and pilferage. Obeys safety rules of St. John’s Lutheran Ministries. Identifies, reports, and/or corrects obvious safety hazards. Attends mandatory safety in-services Utilizes proper body mechanics when stocking supplies or carrying items. REQUIREMENTS:

Minimum Requirements: Less than high school, no previous work experience required. Knowledge of health and sanitation regulations would be beneficial.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities required:

Ability to safely operate and maintain kitchen equipment (i.e. dish washing machine, cleaning equipment, etc.) Ability to understand written and verbal communication. Ability to communicate and interact effectively in a professional manner. Ability to work under time deadlines, manage time efficiently and work effectively with a variety of staff members, patients, and related personnel Ability to lift and manipulate heavy objects. Skill in organization, coordinating, and time management. Ability to understand and follow safety policies and procedures.