Louisiana Department of State Civil Service Mobile Equipment Operator 1/2 in Bossier City, Louisiana

Mobile Equipment Operator 1/2


$1,819.65 - $3,515.00 Monthly

$10.50 - $20.28 Hourly

$1,819.65 - $3,515.00 Monthly


Bossier City, LA

Bossier City, LA

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DOTD-Engineering & Operations

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10/22/2016 11:59 PM Central

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DISTRICT 04- GANG 720 Bossier Bridge Crew

JOB NUMBER: 123363

As part of a Career Progression Group, vacancy may be filled from this recruitment as a Mobile Equipment Operator 1 or a Mobile Equipment Operator 2 depending on the level of experience of the selected applicant(s). The maximum salary for the Mobile Equipment Operator 2 is $45,136.00. Please refer to the 'Job specifications' tab located at the top of the La Careers 'Current Job Opportunities' page of the Civil Service website for specific information on salary ranges, minimum qualifications and job concepts for each level.

The MEO1 has an SER (Special Entrance Rate) of $1819.65 per month and the MEO2 has an SER of $1947.75 per month.

No Civil Service test score is required in order to be considered for this vacancy.

No prior work experience required for MEO-1; however, a Class D license is required upon appointment. For the MEO-2 position, one year work experience and a valid Louisiana Class "A" CDL license are required upon appointment.

To apply for this vacancy, click on the "Apply" link above and complete an electronic application which can be used for this vacancy as well as future job opportunities.

If you are unable to apply online for vacancies, you should use this App to apply to vacancies. You may fax your application to (225) 925-1914 or mail to State Civil Service P. O. Box 94111 Capital Station, Baton Rouge, LA 70804-9111. Please include the job #MEO1/2-10/12/16-123363-4-720KT? and job title MEO 1/2 MEO 1/2.

Applicants can check the status of their application at any time by selecting the 'Application Status' link after logging into their account. Below are the most common status messages and their meanings.

Application received - Your application has been submitted successfully.

Checking for required test score - We are making sure you have an active, passing score for the required written test.

Evaluating experience - Your application is being reviewed by Human Resources to ensure you meet the minimum qualifications for the position.

Eligible for consideration - You are among a group of applicants who MAY be selected for the position.

Eligible Pending Supplemental Qualification Review - Only candidates meeting the supplemental qualification will be eligible for referral.

Referred to hiring manager for review - Your application has been delivered to the hiring manager. You may or may not be called for an interview.

Position filled - Someone has been selected for the position.

Position canceled - The agency has decided not to fill the position.

DOTD EMPLOYEES: Refer to appropriate EDSM directive for required structured training requirements and PPM # 59 Workforce Development on training guidelines.

Resumes will NOT be accepted in lieu of completing the work experience sections of the application.

For further information about this vacancy contact:

Curtis Garrett

Bridge Specialist




No experience or training is required.


May be required to possess a valid Louisiana driver's license or commercial driver's license.

Job Concepts

Function of Work:

To operate mobile equipment (such as that enumerated below) to accomplish transportation, maintenance, or construction tasks.

Level of Work:


Supervision Received:

General from a foreman or other higher level maintenance, supervisory, or administrative personnel.

Supervision Exercised:

May exercise functional over lower graded equipment operators or laboring personnel.

Location of Work:

May be used by all agencies, statewide.

Job Distinctions:

Differs from Mobile Equipment Operator--Light by the requirement to operate larger mobile equipment with more complicated operating and handling characteristics.

Differs from Mobile Equipment Operator 2 by the restriction to primary operation of equipment that is lighter and/or less complicated to operate.

Examples of Work


Operation of one or more of the types of equipment enumerated must be the primary, regular, and recurring function of the job.

Operates field tractor with power ratings up to and including 52 horsepower; tractors may be equipped with attachments such as bush hogs, belly attachments, blades, loaders, hoes, etc.

Operates field tractors with gang mowers up to eight feet across.

Operates dump trucks with rated capacity of six yards or less.

Operates vans and stake-body or flat bed trucks with load ratings over one ton and up to four tons.

Operates buses with 12 to 25 passenger capacity.

Operates forklifts with lifting capacity over 10,000 lbs. or lift height over 12 feet.

Operates steel wheel rollers.

Transports patients, students, workers, or other persons between homes and institutions, on trips on and/or off institution or agency grounds.

Operates auxiliary equipment such as asphalt kettle, mud jack, concrete mixer (over two bag capacity), air compressor, jack- hammer, etc. as required.

Provides guidance to and oversees work of lower graded operators and laborers, as required.

May be required to operate any equipment enumerated for the Mobile Equipment Operator--Light when necessary to accomplish work objectives.

Makes minor repairs to equipment and performs user maintenance necessary to keep equipment in clean, good working order.

Operates front end-loaders, dump trucks, and other equipment in the maintenance and repair of railroad tracks.