Softworld Embedded Audio Applications Engineer in Framingham, Massachusetts

Embedded Audio Applications Engineer

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September 29, 2016

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Framingham, MA

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Embedded application software engineer within the Consumer Electronics Division working on product engineering for the Systems and Software Engineering department. Participate within a team to design and implement embedded software on our wireless speaker systems for features supporting various digital and streaming audio sources.


· Effective documentation, communication and teamwork skills

· Ability to resolve technical issues across a complex codebase of proprietary and 3rd party software

· Strong foundation in embedded system design and OO concepts

· Automated testing experience

· Networking concepts and protocols: IP networking, socket programming, LANs and WLANs (IEEE 802.11/802.3), DLNA, UPnP, SSDP

· Development concepts and tools: gcc, gdb, valgrind, protocol analyzers, oscilloscopes

· Programming languages and concepts: C, C++ (C++x11), Python, IPC, threading, data structures, Event Driven Systems

· Operating systems: Linux, Windows

· Audio: basic concepts of audio/sound, CODECS and containers (MP3, FLAC, AAC, SBC, others), Linux sound (ALSA), streaming transports (HLS, ect), digital sources (S/PDIF, Bluetooth)

· Version control systems: SVN and GIT

Experience: BSCS/BSCE/BSEE (5+ years of professional experience), or MSCS/MSCE/MSEE (3+ years of professional experience)