U-Haul Machine Setup Specialist in GLENDALE, Arizona

Machine Setup Specialist

U-Haul Manufacturing PlantsGlendale Mfg CoGLENDALE , AZ


Shop Floor experience in sheet metal manufacturing.

3 -5 years of either brake press, punch press, turret press or plasma machine set-up.

Blue print reading, knowledge of use of measuring equipment.

Knowledge of CNC machinery.

Experience in removing & setting up dies in machines, making machine adjustments using hand and power tools and proper safety equipment.

The ability to train and interact with fellow System Members.

The ability to read/write/speak English.


• Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs assisted or unassisted• Steel toe boots/shoes

Work Status:

Full-Time or Moonlighter/Part-Time

Hours Needed:

(These hours may change based on business needs)

  • Sun –NA

  • Mon –5am to 2pm

  • Tue –5am to 2pm

  • Wed –5am to 2pm

  • Thu –5am to 2pm

  • Fri –5am to 2pm

  • Sat –NA