HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Mgr Respiratory Therapy in Kingwood, Texas

Individual and Organizational Relations:
1. Ability to develop and maintain rapport with others.
2. Ability to create and maintain an environment that results in above average satisfaction ratings from employees, patients, and physicians.
3. Ability to absorb negative information/criticism and maintain a balanced perspective on issues. 4. Ability to negotiate priorities with individuals at various levels of the organization. 5. Knowledge of the objectives of the company and implication for programs, policies, and decisions. 6. Attends inservice presentations including but not limited to infection control, patient safety, job safety and quality improvement.
1. Ability to retain and recruit sufficient and qualified staff for effective operations. 2. Ability to manage morale, conflict, and change.
3. Ability to deal with staff performance deficiencies in a constructive and timely manner. Recognizes those staff members who exhibit exemplary performance.
4. Ability to delegate work responsibilities based on subordinate strengths, developmental needs, and workload.
5. Ability to identify strengths and weaknesses of staff performance. Plans and implements training and development accordingly.
6. Ability to use alternate supervisory styles in different situations.
7. Ensures staff is educated on established guidelines for reporting a significant medical error or unanticipated negative outcome in the patient's care.
1. Ability to lead a group meeting to achieve desired objectives.
2. Knowledge of methods and procedure for the analysis, interpretation, and display of 3. Effectively communicates pertinent information to people at various levels of the organization. Analysis of Business and Business Problems:
1. Ability to identify and resolve causes of business, staff, and customer problems using quality improvement principles.
2. Ability to meet productivity goals for department on a consistent basis.
3. Ability to develop and manage budgets, both capital and operational.
4. Ability to analyze and interpret numerical/statistical information to draw conclusions. 5. Ability to identify and implement cost-reduction opportunities.
6. Demonstrates knowledge of the occurence reporting system reports trends to staff and utilizes data to improve patient safety.
1. Develops and communicates a shared vision for departments(s) consistent with hospital vision. 2. Develops strategic plan/goals to support departmental progress and achievement of hospital goals. 3. Demonstrates ability to make effective and timely decisions.
4. Actively participates in and demonstrates a commitment to increasing recruitment and retention efforts/results in the organization
5. The manager's conduct reinforces the company's values and promotes the Code of Conduct. Personal Performance Management:
1. Ability to maintain performance in stressful situations.
2. Ability to set priorities when faced with conflicting alternatives and varying conditions 3. Ability to plan and conduct multiple activities within a specified time frame in order to ensure goal/deadline achievement.
4. Maintains confidentiality of information per hospital and department policies and administers policies appropriately.
5. Demonstrates knowledge of policies in department communication, practice, and time keeping responsibilities such as payroll, leave of absence, time off and worker's compensation. Job Proficiency:
1. Performs all assigned duties in a timely and efficient manner.
2. Promotes communication among services and individual staff members such as CQI teams and participation in standing committees. 3. Promotes ideas and projects that are beneficial to Bayshore Medical Center. 4. Provides for orientation, in-service training, and continuing education of all employees in the service.
5. Provides for staff training in the basic approaches to and methods of performance improvement.
6. Provides services in a timely manner to meet patients' needs.
7. Recommends space and other resources needed by the service.
8. Responsible for gathering, assessing and acting on information regarding patient and family satisfaction with the services provided - strives to achieve 95% patient satisfaction.
9. Provides information systems and data management processes for ongoing performance improvement. 10. Acts as a change agent to effect the smooth transition of the change process. 11. Acts on recommendations generated through performance improvement activities.
12. Allocates adequate resources for measuring, assessing and improving the hospital's performance. 13. Approaches role with a "take charge" attitude and takes the initiative when appropriate. 14. Articulates instructions and directions to others and gains positive response. 15. Assigns personnel needed to participate in performance improvement activities.
16. Assures hospital wide patient care services are appropriate to the scope and level of care required by the patients served. 17. Assures patient care services are provided either directly, or through referral, consultation, contractual arrangements, or other agreements. 18. Assures service area is clean and in good repair. 19. Collaborates with the medical staff and service line director.
20. Collaborates with the medical staff and service line director regarding sources of patient care provided outside the hospital. 21. Communicates the hospital's mission, vision and values to employees. 22. Continually assesses and improves their services' performance and quality control programs.
23. Continually looks for opportunities to improve service via suggestions from patient, family, physician, or staff. 24. Coordinates and integrates their services with other hospital services. 25. Coordinates functional processes with those of other services and participates in concerted efforts to improve overall hospital performance. 26. Coordinates patient care across services that is virtually seamless from patient's perspective.
27. Defines a mission, a vision and values for the service and creates the strategic, operational, programmatic, and other plans and policies to achieve the mission and vision. 28. Demonstrates compliance with the hospital and department Appearance / Dress Code, including the proper use of ID Badges. 29. Demonstrates confidentiality in discussing confidential matters only in an appropriate manner and setting.
30. Demonstrates effective approaches to and methods of performance improvement. 31. Demonstrates effective time management to ensure that duties are performed in a timely and cost effective manner. 32. Demonstrates evidence of growing as a professional and stays current in field and seeks opportunities to expand knowledge. Associates with peers in their industry and learns from them and stays open to coaching.
33. Demonstrates integrity, truthfulness and discretion, and conducts him / herself in a professional manner, making proper use of organizational resources.
34. Demonstrates professional role model in appearance and interactions. Demonstrates a high degree of integrity.
35. Demonstrates professional role model in appearance and interactions. Demonstrates a high degree of integrity.
36. Demonstrates technical aspects of his / her area of responsibility.
37. Demonstrates understanding of Bayshore Medical Center's customers and competitors. Seeks out information and uses that information in area of responsibility.
38. Designs services to respond to patient and family needs and expectations. 39. Determines and recommends a sufficient number of qualified and competent staff to perform functions of the service, and provide patient care. 40. Determines the qualifications and competence of service personnel.
41. Develops and implements policies and procedures, along with the service line director, that guide and support the provision of services. 42. Develops policies and procedures in collaboration with associated departments. 43. Ensures compliance with regulatory agencies and educates staff to those standards in daily operations.
44. Ensures that important processes and activities are measured, assessed and improved systematically throughout the hospital. 45. Ethics and Compliance – Department Directors/Managers/Supervisors * In addition to the above, directors/managers/supervisors will be held accountable for setting the example; ensuring that their departments have sufficient information to comply with laws, regulations and policies, as well as the resources to resolve ethical policies.
46. Exhibits effective skills in gaining the respect and confidence of others.
47. Stays focused and is not distracted by personal issues, personality or other factors not directly related to the business issue at hand. 48. Exhibits managerial honesty. 49. Forwards relevant information in a timely manner to leaders and Service Line Director of hospital wide performance improvement activities. 50. Fosters communication and coordination among individuals and services. 51. Identifies patient care services consistent with the hospital's mission. 52. Inspires and coaches personnel to maximize performance. 53. Integrates services with the hospital's primary functions. 54. Keeps Supervisor informed and prepared for issues that are likely to surface. 55. Maintains appropriate quality control programs. Sets expectations, develops plans, and manages processes to measure, assess, and improve the quality of the hospital's governance, management, clinical, and support activities. 56. Measures and assesses the effectiveness of their contributions to improving performance. 57. Mentors supervisors and lead therapists. 58. Participates in division wide policy decisions affecting the hospital.
59. Participates in selecting outside sources for needed services.
60. Performs Other Duties As Assigned By Service Line Director

License / Certifications / Requirements Requires Registered or Certified by the National Board for Respiratory Care and must be licensed by the State of Texas as a "Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner". Current BLS, ACLS, and NRP certifications required. PALS certification required as of October 1, 2012. New hires must obtain ACLS, PALS, and NRP within 6 months of hire date. Education: High school graduate and graduate of AMA approved Respiratory Therapy Technician Program and credentialed as a Respiratory Therapist by the National Board for Respiratory Therapy. Additional requirements include RRT Registry. Bachelors degree preferred. Experience:
Minimum of five years experience in hospitals required with at least two years experience in a management capacity.

Title: Mgr Respiratory Therapy

Location: Texas-Kingwood-Kingwood Medical Center - Kingwood

Requisition ID: 03198-66899