City of Miami DISABILITIES PROGRAM AIDE, P/T in Miami, Florida

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Fri. 06/30/17 5:00 PM Eastern Time


$10.19 - $12.40 Hourly

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City of Miami, Florida


Parks & Recreation


Non-exempt position, eligible for overtime compensation.

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Nature of Work


Supplemental Questions

This is entry-level paraprofessional work in assisting with the in-service training of children and adults with disabilities participating in the City of Miami's Programs for Persons with Disabilities. Work involves responsibility for assisting the Special Education Teacher or designee in planning and carrying out various instructional, independent living, therapeutic recreational programs for participants with disabilities. Work is performed according to established and well-defined procedures.

Assists in the scheduling and execution of activities and special events. Maintains materials, supplies and equipment for the program. Assists in planning, implementing, participating and evaluating leisure activities as needed. Assists in fundraising activities. Assists with the preparation and realization of the Special Olympics program. Maintains attendance records, documentation, participant assessment reports, progress reports, goals and objectives and general reports. Operates City program vans complying with all city and state regulations as required. Transports disabled participants to and from the programs daily, as well as to events and special activities within the day, checks vehicles for safety, clean vehicle and maintains mileage and maintenance forms. Performs related work as required and may be required to work a flexible schedule which may include nights and/or weekends.

Minimum Requirements:

High school diploma or its equivalent and six (6) months experience working with children and adults with disabilities and/or independent living programs. A valid Driver's License from any state (Equivalent to a State of Florida Class E) may be utilized upon application; however, prior to appointment, a State of Florida Driver's License (Class E or higher) must be presented to the Department of Human Resources and must be maintained valid throughout employment in the classification.


Must comply with all background screening requirements set forth by the State of Florida Statute Chapter 2010-114, other applicable laws and/or grant funding requirements.

Documentation Requirements:

Applicants must upload and attach copies of the following documents with the application for employment. Please be sure to attach all required documents to your application each time you apply. Uploaded documents remain in your profile but they will not attach automatically and you will be deemed ineligible without the proper documentation:

  • Proof of education: Copy of high school diploma or its equivalent. College degrees and/or transcripts from an US accredited institution are also acceptable. Foreign diplomas/degrees must be submitted with an evaluation report from an agency recognized by NACES. If submitting transcripts, submitted transcripts must include the following: student's name, school name, number of credits, degree completion, and major.

  • Translations of degrees are not accepted as proof of education.

  • Degree audits are not accepted as substitution for proof of education.

  • A Valid Driver's License from any state (Equivalent to a State of Florida Class E) may be utilized upon application, however prior to appointment a State of Florida Driver's License (Class E or higher) must be presented to the Department of Human Resources.

Applicants must completely detail their work experience on the application or risk being disqualified. Resumes are not required and will not be reviewed in place of the employment application.

Applicants must provide a valid email address in order to receive notification of eligibility.


Veterans Preference: Veterans Preference is awarded in accordance with Florida State Statute 295.07. If veteran's preference is being claimed, it must be indicated on the application form and proper documentation, including all forms DD-214 (Member 4) must be submitted with the application.

Selection Preference for City Residents: In accordance with APM 2-02, applicants for classified positions who are City of Miami residents and new hires will receive preference in selection from interview ranking bands provided that any two (2) of the following documents are submitted with the application and again at the time of interview:

A. Utility bill dated within 60 days of the date of submission

B. Valid Florida Driver License or State-issued I.D.

C. Property Tax Statement dated within 1 year of the date of submission

D. Properly executed valid lease agreement

E. Homestead Exemption dated within 1 year of the date of submission

F. Motor Vehicle Registration dated within 90 days of the date of submission

G. Official school records or transcripts, dated within 90 days of the date of submission

H. W-2 (or 1099) Tax Form dated within 1 year of the date of submission

City of Miami residents are granted selection preference over non-City of Miami residents within the same ranking band resulting from an interview process. Selection preference will be granted to residents of the City of Miami in the following order: 1) Preference eligible veterans, 2) active City of Miami employees, 3) City of Miami residents, 4) non-City residents.

City of Miami employee applications must reflect their current position and detail their work experience. City of Miami employees must upload and attach all required documentation to their application prior to submission.

Resumes may be attached, however; information must be clearly detailed on the application, as resumes are not accepted or reviewed in lieu of the employment application.

Toxicology: Prospective employees may be required to submit to toxicology, medical and background screening. All costs associated with background screenings may be at the applicant's expense.