U-Haul INTERN UHaulCarShare - Iowa Wesleyan University - Iowa in MOUNT PLEASANT, Iowa

INTERN UHaulCarShare - Iowa Wesleyan University - Iowa

U-Haul UCar ShareU Car Share Iowa Wesleyan University601 N Main StMOUNT PLEASANT , IA


Under the direction of the Program Manager of UHaulCarShare, the student will help promote UHaulCarShare on campus to students, staff and faculty. This may include attending promotional booth events on campus, directly marketing students at dorms, marketing to departments on campus and other marketing techniques as necessary. Students must visit each vehicle at least once every other week, providing basic maintenance and cleaning. This may include inflating flat tires, checking oil and/or calling other U-Haul personnel for assistance. Students will provide weekly summaries of achievement, failures and plans for the following week.

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