Washington State Anadromous Resources Co-management Analyst *10273-16 in Olympia, Washington


Do the words self-motivated, strong leader and problem solver describe you? Are you a seasoned professional who is ready for your next challenge? If so, then this opportunity may be the one for you! The Department of Fish and Wildlife is looking to find an*Anadromous Resources Co-management Analyst* to join our Fish Program management team.

THE DEPARTMENT The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is dedicated to preserving, protecting and perpetuating fish, wildlife and ecosystems, while providing sustainable recreational and commercial opportunities dependent on viable fish and wildlife populations. Each day, WDFW employees facilitate fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities for millions of residents and visitors. WDFW's employees–field and laboratory biologists, geneticists, research scientists, hatchery professionals, policy experts, fully commissioned law enforcement officers, land stewards, lab technicians, property acquisition specialists, customer service representatives and others work throughout the state. WDFW employees protect and restore critical habitat, strive to facilitate species recovery when necessary, and manage hundreds of fish and wildlife species. WDFW employees maintain nearly a million acres of public wildlife lands. They interpret, apply and enforce state and federal laws and collaborate with stakeholders to protect fish and wildlife resources. Find out more about us and the important work we are a part of at www.wdfw.wa.gov

Applications will be reviewed and interviews will be held as qualified applicants are identified, the position may be filled and the recruitment closed. Therefore you are encouraged to submit your application materials as soon as possible. The first review will be October 27, 2016.



The Department of Fish and Wildlife is recruiting to fill one full time, permanent, Anadromous Resources Co-management Analyst (WMS3) position. The position is located in the Fish Program and the duty station is located at Natural Resources Buildiing, 1111 Washington St SE, Olympia, WA

The Anadromous Resources Co-Management Analyst is the Fish Program's designated scientific expert for the development and implementation of Tribal-State management plans affecting essential resource conservation and/or harvest use benefits related to anadromous salmon and steelhead resources statewide. The position provides policy development and scientific leadership support for the intergovernmental salmon manager within the Fish Program. The position represents the agency in state, state-tribal co-management, inter-agency and international management forums that have decision-making authority. The position may represent the State of Washington, by appointment of the Governor on fishery management bodies of the Pacific Salmon Commission defined under the Pacific Salmon Treaty, or as the director's designee on the Pacific Fisheries Management Council (PFMC) defined under the Magnuson-Stevens Conservation and Fishery Management Act. In this capacity the position supports the Director in negotiating modifications to the Pacific Salmon Treaty or regulations for fisheries in the jurisdiction of the PFMC, by analyzing information or studies and formulating recommendations pertaining to all anadromous species caught in fisheries affected or controlled by these international and inter-jurisdictional entities. This position is responsible for developing resource management plans for Washington steelhead and salmon populations in coordination with Washington State tribes. Coordinated management plans with the tribes requires this position to negotiate solutions to difficult scientific, conservation and legal issues involved in management of fisheries, as well as hatchery production and stock assessment for these species. Regarding all activities of this position, and for each species involved, this position is responsible for conveying results of management plans and agreements to WDFW's Fish Program and WDFW's Enforcement Program to ensure that obligations and commitments are successfully implemented.

As Washington's representative on international and state-tribal co-management fishery management bodies (e.g., Pacific Salmon Commission, PFMC), the position must make decisions that comply with existing policies for meeting conservation and allocation objectives defined by legal obligations or by the F&W; Commission and affect the health and/or sustainable use of fish and wildlife populations on a broad geographic scale. The position routinely communicates with tribal policy leaders to ensure compliance with Indian Treaties.


Represents the agency in co-management forums on key policy issues.

  • Attends WDFW & tribal policy meetings convened to address issues related to fishing and conservation of Washington's natural resources and to ensure that legal and other objectives and obligations are met as defined in U.S. v. Washington or other applicable co-manager plans or agreements.
  • Communicates the agency's policy positions and scientific basis supporting fishing and conservation issues to tribal policy and technical representatives, using written and oral media.
  • Negotiates agreements with tribal policy representatives that are consistent with the conservation and fishing interests of the agency and reflect the values of Washington citizens.

Represents the agency in major fishery management forums:

  • Participates in forums involving representatives of federal or state agencies, tribes and industry for the purpose of developing or adopting regulations and policies affecting salmon and steelhead resources and fisheries of Washington State.
  • Presents oral and written arguments, justifications or findings of fact to participants in major management forums in support of policies implemented or programs conducted by the agency related to management of salmon and steelhead resources.
  • Prepares for effective representation of the agency's policies, programs, and positions on key salmon and steelhead management issues by conducting timely and thorough analysis of applicable research and effectively communicating results within and between agency divisions and programs, including the Director's office.
  • Documents results and outcomes of activities of the major management forums and communicate these documents to appropriate agency programs, divisions or personnel, and potentially affected tribal state or local governments, non­Indian industry or fishing interests and the public.

Confers with non-Indian commercial and recreational fishing industry representatives; government representatives and with the general public presenting and interpreting agency policies.

  • Leads discussions and presentations for the agency at public meetings and during the pre-season fishery planning process known as "North of Falcon".
  • Negotiates agreements between and among non-Indian commercial and recreational fishing industry sectors defining acceptable, annual or long-term conservation and allocation plans, regulations and management processes for salmon and steelhead fisheries that are consistent with policies of the agency and the Fish and Wildlife Commission.
  • Leads citizen advisory groups defined by the agency as needed for informing the recreational and commercial industry of agency policies or activities, and for gathering public input regarding fishery management preferences, opinions and recommendations for the purpose of improvement government effectiveness.

Conducts scientific reviews and analyses of complex and sensitive harvest and conservation issues, involving state and tribal interests, and develop recommendations for solutions.

  • Develops long term policy goals for statewide salmon and steelhead harvest, habitat and hatchery management.
  • Identifies key policy issues for salmon and steelhead management, and coordinate policy direction with affected co­management tribes.
  • Analyzes scientific basis for key policies and review alternative policies for potential outcomes and effects on achievement of conservation and allocation objectives.
  • Confers with legal counsel (Office of the Attorney General) to ensure that potential plans and agreements are consistent with legal requirements.

Designs effective strategies to implement state and tribal resource conservation plans for Washington's salmon and steelhead resources, including ESA-Iisted populations.

  • Develops comprehensive strategies, including the arrangement of schedules for negotiation, involvement of key participants, and compilation/dissemination of information necessary for conducting state-tribal and public planning processes for salmon and steelhead management.
  • Provides guidance and direction as necessary to ensure coordination and consistency within the agency for development, involvement and implementation of salmon and steelhead management plans.
  • Participates in planning processes required for successful implementation of salmon and steelhead management plans, with emphasis on activities essential to compliance with provisions of the Endangered Species Act for listed species.

Working conditions

Generally 40 hours/wk, M-F from 8am-5pm. Seasonal evening and weekend work may be needed. Work is typically conducted in an office or meeting group setting. This position is expected to travel as part of the positions responsibility to participate in the Pacific Salmon Commission, Pacific Fishery Management Council, and Agency's North of Falcon salmon season setting process. Travel to other fishery management meetings, conferences, and/or workshops are also expected periodically. Extensive external communication and coordination with international entities (Pacific Salmon Commission staff, Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans), public, Tribal Governments and Representatives, other state entities (Oregon and California departments of Fish and Wildlife) and Federal entities (NOAA/USFWS)


Required Education and Experience:

A Bachelor's degree with major study in a natural science (Fish Science, Fish Management, Biology, etc.). A minimum of five years of progressively higher responsible management experience in the area of natural resources. Well-developed communication skills (written and verbal) are required. An in-depth understanding of fish conservation and fisheries management principles, Endangered Species Act law, Tribal law, and administration skills. This position also requires excellent leadership, interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution skills.

Preferred/Desired Education, Training, Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Knowledge of state/tribal relations- important issues, sensitivity to unique nature of treaty rights.
  • Understanding of scientific basis and policy issues associated with managing natural resources for long term sustainability.
  • Experience connecting and building trust; working collaboratively and constructively with interest groups.
  • Experience as lead person in controversial forums; ability to move forward in controversial situations; able to make decisions.
  • Ability to work well with diverse groups of people and issues and stay focused on the objective. To be competitive for this position, an applicant should demonstrate the following competencies: Competencies – Strong skills sets in the following:

Leading People

Human Capital Management: Builds and manages a diverse, talented workforce based on organizational goals, budget considerations, and staffing needs. Ensures that employees are appropriately recruited, selected, appraised, and rewarded. Performance Management*:* Gives clear direction, sets performance expectations, and holds staff accountable for accomplishing. Takes timely corrective action to improve staff performance issues. Writes effective performance evaluations.

Conflict Management: Encourages creative tension and differences of opinions. Anticipates and takes steps to prevent counter-productive confrontations. Manages and resolves conflicts and disagreements in a constructive manner.

Leverage Diversity*:* Fosters an inclusive workplace where diversity and individual differences are valued and leveraged to achieve the vision and mission of the organization.

Developing Others*:* Develops the ability of others to perform and contribute to the organization by providing ongoing feedback and by providing opportunities to learn through formal and informal methods.

Team Building: Inspires and fosters team commitment, spirit, pride, and trust. Facilitates cooperation and motivates team members to accomplish group goals.

Results Driven

Accountability*:* Holds self and others accountable for measurable high-quality, timely, and cost-effective results. Determines objectives, sets priorities, and delegates work. Accepts responsibility for mistakes. Complies with established control systems and rules.

Customer Service*:* Anticipates and meets the needs of both internal and external customers. Delivers high-quality products and services; is committed to continuous improvement.

Decisiveness: Makes well-informed, effective, and timely decisions, even when data are limited or solutions produce unpleasant consequences; perceives the impact and implications of decisions.

Problem Solving*:* Identifies and analyzes problems; weighs relevance and accuracy of information; generates and evaluates alternative solutions; makes recommendations. Technical Credibility: Understands and appropriately applies principles, procedures, requirements, regulations, and policies related to specialized expertise.

* Leading Change*

Creativity and Innovation*:* Develops new insights into situations; questions conventional approaches; encourage new ideas and innovations; designs and implements new or cutting edge programs and processes.

External Awareness*:* Understands and keeps up-to-date on local, national, and international policies and trends that affect the organization and shape stakeholders' views; is aware of the organization's impact on the external environment.

Flexibility*:* Is open to change and new information; rapidly adapts to new information, changing conditions, or unexpected obstacles.

Resilience*:* Deals effectively with pressure; remains optimistic and persistent, even under adversity. Recovers quickly from setbacks.

Strategic Thinking*:* Formulates objectives and priorities, and implements plans consistent with long-term interests of the organization in a global environment. Capitalizes on opportunities and manages risks.

Vision*:* Takes a long-term view and builds a shared vision with others; acts as a catalyst for organizational change. Influences others to translate vision into action.

Supplemental Information

To apply for this position you MUST complete your profile at www.careers.wa.gov and attach the following to your profile before completing the online application:

  • A cover letter describing how you meet the qualifications of this position (generic cover letter will not be accepted)
  • A current resume (please make it succinct)
  • Three professional references (personal references do not count as professional)

Please note: Failure to follow the above application instructions will lead to disqualification. E-mailed documents will not be accepted in lieu of attaching your documents to the online profile.

Upon submission of your online application, you will immediately receive a confirming e-mail. You will then be notified via e-mail of your status during the process. In addition to the e-mail notifications, you can check the status of your application at any time by visiting your online profile at www.careers.wa.gov. Due to the high volume of applications that we receive, we ask your understanding and encourage you to use the online process and avoid calling for information.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife is an equal opportunity employer. We strive to create a working environment that includes and respects cultural, racial, ethnic, sexual orientation and gender identity diversity. Women, racial and ethnic minorities, persons of disability, persons over 40 years of age, disabled and Vietnam era veterans and people of all sexual orientations and gender identities are encouraged to apply. Persons needing accommodation in the application process or this announcement in an alternative format may call (360) 902-2276 or the Telecommunications Device for the Deaf (TDD) at (800) 833-6388.

Job Type: Full Time - Permanent

Job Number: 2016-10273

Department: Dept. of Fish and Wildlife

Agency: State of Washington

Address: View Job Posting for Agency Information View Job Posting for Location, Washington, 98504.

Website: http://www.careers.wa.gov

Salary: $64,212.00 - $75,500.00 Annually

Location: Thurston County – Olympia, WA