HCA, Hospital Corporation of America Director, Laboratory - Laboratory Director in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

The Director under the supervision of the COO supervises and directs the delivery of clinical laboratory services according to the policies, procedures, philosophy, and objectives of the department and hospital. Works cooperatively within department and with external customers to create a system of quality health care.

Maintain current knowledge in area(s) of laboratory, determine staffing requirements, interview and hire all personnel for department, develop yearly budget, conduct yearly performance appraisal for all staff, provide leadership in compliance with applicable CAP/CLIA and JCAHO standards and safety standards, and provide leadership in growth and development of new services in the laboratory.


Communications/Interpersonal Skills Accepts change within work environment and accepts suggestions for improved performance; implementing both in a positive manner

Fosters sense of teamwork & collaboration within department & hospital; deals with conflict discreetly and privately. Maintains confidentiality when sharing employee information

Communicates problems/ opportunities for improvement; provides constructive input, suggestions & support to foster process improvement within the department with effective verbal/written communication skills

Interacts with staff, patients and members of the public with dignity and respect; behavior is courteous and professional, reflecting sensitivity to the hospital’s values and to Ethics and Compliance principles

Is comfortable with supporting staff with change and can lead process through to completion

Monitors staff to ensure they conduct services with consideration of patient/significant others with regard to their personal dignity and respect for their values.

Creates in the employees a sense of responsibility and autonomy for making operational decisions and resolving problems at the lowest level of the organization, and has examples of these.

Provides the employee with the tools and abilities necessary to work autonomously resolving problems and changing processes.

Goes to the employee with issues in an appropriate and consistent fashion to seek their input and advice.

Accepts employee’s suggestions for change whenever possible. Seeks support for these changes from other process owners

Builds trust to a level where employee talks openly and productively to leader and peers

Management of Human Resources/Productivity Assesses department staffing needs, and participates in the recruitment and retention of qualified and competent staff.

Assesses, plans and defines the initial and ongoing qualifications and competency levels of staff which encourages self development, feedback and improvement.

Oversees the development of orientation checklists, in-service training schedules, new policies and procedures, and competency tools to train, develop and guide staff

Conducts evaluations in a constructive manner, on time, with sufficient detail to ensure improved employee performance.

Uses communication skills, listening, positive interventions, sensitivity to social styles and timely feedback in an effective manner.

Provides staff with appropriate motivators to convey genuine value for employees and their input.

Has in place sufficient systems to assure that all staff are knowledgeable regarding changes and information important to satisfactory job performance.

Monitors, evaluates, coaches, counsels and disciplines staff according to established hospital policy with dignity and consistency, and maintains satisfactory documentation.

Monitors staff to ensure they conduct services with consideration of patients/significant others with regard to their personal dignity and respect for their values

Essential Job functions Knowledgeable of and supports Organizational and Divisional goals

Continuously improves service outcomes that impact laboratory results by overseeing the development and follow-through of improvement opportunities that are consistent with the hospital mission, vision and scope of service statements

Acts as a role model for staff on concerns/responsiveness to customer dissatisfaction.

Assures department’s compliance with JCAHO/Regulatory standards/CAP/CLIA for both lab sites inclusive of proficiency testing

Provides effective, responsive leadership, role model, clearly focused on the goals and objectives of the service.

Successful in realistically assessing plans and designs. Integrates and coordinates services using a collaborative process.

Oversees all management functions related to service area(s) including : budget/payroll, staffing, scheduling/core delivery, performance evaluation/competency requirements, and safety plan.

Effectively leads the development and implementation of new services

Effectively leads and promotes satisfactory outcomes in Committees assigned to his/her responsibility

Is active in expanding service, attracting and keeping customers

Interacts with external suppliers in a way that promotes the hospital’s ability to maintain and expand market share.

Collects, analyzes and uses data as an aid to department and personal decision making. Understands the important role data plays in improving decision making. Integrates data collection and analysis as part of employee’s work

Monitors volume and service and payer mix. Uses changes to guide planning and decision making

Provides oversight for all PRH laboratory facilities including the hospital laboratory, 155 Borthwick Ave laboratory and all patient service centers.

Management of the Environment of Care Oversees planning, appropriation, use and training for equipment to maintain a safe, functional workplace. Monitors consistent use of safety equipment by all employees, and follows-up with those who fail to use same.

Surveillance, Prevention and Control of Infection Identifies needs regarding prevention and control of infection, and collaborates with other departments/services to develop appropriate policies and procedures.

Monitors department staffs’ knowledge of and compliance with policies and procedures to reduce risk of infection


Minimum 3 years experience in a leadership role in a Laboratory.

Bachelors degree in a related field

MT (ASCP) certification


Previous experience in a Hospital laboratory

Title: Director, Laboratory - Laboratory Director

Location: New Hampshire-Portsmouth-Portsmouth Regional Hospital - Portsmouth

Requisition ID: 00147-5603