Bi-State Development Planning Systems Specialist in St. Louis, Missouri

Job Description


This position supports the ongoing technical applications of Metro Operations within the Planning and System Development Division by maintaining data and systems of Metro’s Planning, Scheduling and Monitoring Systems, to include the Trapeze FX Scheduling System, Trapeze AVL, Trapeze INFO Agent / Web and COM, Fare box / Smart Card, ongoing intelligent transportation systems (ITS) applications including customer-focused applications of automatic vehicle location (AVL), the Automated Passenger Count System (APC), and their interfaces with other geographic information systems (GIS)-based Systems and Reporting Systems used in the Planning and Systems Development Division. The position provides the analysis of computer system needs, creation of customized applications and coordination of testing and implementation of upgrades, ensuring integrity of interfaces with related systems.

Essential Outcomes

  • Works with the Planning Systems Manager to ensure the integrity of extracts from the Trapeze FX Scheduling System to the interfaced systems including the Fare box / Smart Card, APC, CAD/AVL, Hastus (Payroll), Trapeze INFO Agent / Web, Google Transit and Trapeze PASS Systems.
  • System Analysis and problem resolution working with agency staff and vendors in support of systems used by Metro Operations.
  • Perform upgrades, including testing, installation, training, interfaces and problem resolution for systems used by the Planning and System Development Division.
  • Continually evaluate and upgrade system capabilities to fully develop all components of the Scheduling System.
  • Maintain the CAD/AVL and APC databases including analysis of on-time performance, running times and passenger loads at trip and stop level.
  • Create of trip and stop-level reports and GIS data from the CAD/AVL, APC and Fare box/Smart Card databases.
  • Prepare regular reports of ridership and on-time performance.
  • Collaborate with Agency staff in the analysis of Customer Service data and Communications Center data.
  • Provide in-situ technical expertise to facilitate effective statistical research and analysis of the voluminous data available by providing automation and access to relevant data.
  • Communicate effectively with Agency management, union officials and outside parties regarding the design and implementation of transit services.
  • Provide subject matter expertise as it relates to explaining schedule related changes to the public, customer service, communications staff and stakeholders. Required Skills

Transit Knowledge

Conceptual knowledge of transit needs, problems, challenges and concepts that govern service distribution.

Analytical Ability

Must possess the aptitude for mathematics and critical thinking, and the ability to develop skills related to schedule development.

Technical Skills

Knowledge of Information Systems technologies, relational database theory, statistical analysis techniques, basic software functionality and logic and system analysis.

Proficiency in computer applications for transit planning and scheduling, including GIS, MS Access, SQL and Oracle databases. Knowledge of Trapeze or similar specialized scheduling software, Application programming or scripting (e.g. C#, C++, Java, Python, Perl) and System Administration required.

Communication Skills

Must possess the aptitude to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, including establishing and maintaining effective working relationships. Must interact professionally with Agency operations staff, technical personnel and the public. Must be able to effectively convey technical information to a non-technical audience and to understand and respond to the needs of a wide variety of roles.

Required Experience

B.A./B.S. required, M.A./M.S. preferred, Certification in Networking, Database Management, Crystal Reports or other ad-hoc reporting tools desirable, in Planning, Transportation Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science or related field. Three (3) to five (5) years required. Post-graduate education may be considered in lieu of experience Transportation Engineering, Planning, Transit Scheduling or related field

Tracking Code: 292194-713

Job Location: St. Louis, Missouri, United States

Position Type: Full-Time/Regular