Chicago Mercantile Exchange Ld Software Engineer - India in United States

Ld Software Engineer - India




Position Purpose

Provide a brief summary paragraph of the primary purpose or overall role of the job. Why does this job exist?

The Lead Software Engineer independently engineers secure, scalable and reliable technology solutions for referential applications to advance CMEG in the global marketplace and serve risk management needs of customers around the world. Referential applications maintain entity, security and product information used by the organization. These data systems across the organization are being consolidated and streamlined to meet the ever-growing needs of the organization. The systems are changing to evolve along with the marketplace and the regulatory climate.

Principal Accountabilities

Indicate the essential functions of the job, written in order of priority. In describing assigned tasks, focus on results to be achieved.

Exhibits language proficiency and independently writes application modules and unit tests as well as designs independently. Contributes to architectural discussions. Interprets and enforces architecture for a development team. Mentors developers, and is influential within company division.


Develops designs for all aspects of a project; Mentors senior software engineers.


Exhibits proficiency in SQL knowledge, intermediate in database modeling and skilled in database tuning


Conducts full system testing


Defines key metrics driving code optimization and leads discussion of code reviews; Manages environment build deployments, release notes and build notices; Reviews code to proactively identify and mitigate potential issues and defects as well as identify solution problems and issues outside code.


Influences best practices development, contributing to process enhancements, and enforces best practices on project work.




Scope of Responsibility

Does this role spend more than 50% of their time managing others or through others?


Select the choice that best describes the type of supervisory responsibility required to perform the job:

None - No supervisory responsibility.

Direct Reports

Indicate the number of direct reports.

a) No direct reports

Budgetary Responsibilities

Is this role accountable for a significant portion of the division's overall budget?


If yes, please describe the nature of accountability as well as an estimated budget amount or estimated percentage of the division's overall budget.

Problem Solving

Describe the day-to-day, typical, issues, decisions, and problems this role will be responsible for handling.

Troubleshoot issues with the application code.

Review code to proactively identify and mitigate potential issues and defects and help to identify sources of defects in the application code.

Of the problems this role solves on a day-to-day basis, what percentage of these problems can be solved through precedent (i.e. have a known solution that needs to be implemented)?


Of the problems this role solves on a day-to-day basis, what percentage requires a completely new, innovative, complex solution?




Decision Making

Provide examples of decisions the employee is expected to make in this role (operational, financial, advisory).

Proactively researches new libraries and tools to be applied in application code

Identify potential opportunities for application code optimization.

Who reviews/approves decisions made by this role?

Tech Specialist/Manager

Does this role regularly set or influence policy?


If so, please explain

Working Relationships

Inside Contacts: Indicate departments, CME Group employees, members, and/or member committees the incumbent works with on a regular basis. What is the nature/purpose of the contact?

Incumbent will primarily interface with Development, Business Analyst, and QA Analyst. In addition, they would also interact with support groups like ETPA, DBA, Networking, Production Support and so on.

Outside Contacts: Provide examples of consultants, government agencies, services providers; etc the incumbent has to work with on a regular basis. What is the nature/purpose of the contact?



Specify the minimum level of formal education required to perform the job. If applicable, specify any preferred educational qualifications by clearly marking these qualifications as preferred.

Bachelor degree in computer science or Graduate degree in computer science equivalent in a technical field


Specify the minimum level of experience to perform the job. Provide specific examples of relevant experience. If preferred experience is also listed, make sure any preferred qualifications are clearly differentiated from what is required to do the job.

8+ years of experience in core Java development.

10+ years of experience in software development.


Indicate any certifications or licenses required to perform the functions of the job. Enter “None” if no certificates or licenses required. If preferred certifications are also listed, make sure any preferred certifications are clearly differentiated from what is required to do the job.


Software Requirements

Specify the development software/operating systems, etc that the incumbent is expected to be proficient in to perform the job. If preferred software knowledge is also listed, make sure any preferred systems are clearly differentiated from what is required to do the job.

Required- Experience in ETL tool preferably Informatica is a plus

  • Using MVC Frameworks, Spring, Hibernate

  • Strong understanding in Relational database concepts

  • Strong knowledge of SQL

  • Experience with Maven, GIT, html, jsp, css, javascript

  • Experience working in a Linux environment and open source libraries

  • Understanding of financial industry concepts is a plus

  • Agile/lean software development techniques and supporting tools like JIRA

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills

  • Experience with TIBCO implementation is a plus

Physical, Scheduling & Location Requirements

Specify any physical requirements of this job beyond those of a sedentary office job. Also, specify if the job requires a specific schedule or if it requires the employee to be present at a specific location.

As the world’s leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace, CME Group ( is where the world comes to manage risk. Based in Chicago, with offices in New York, London, Singapore, Calgary, Houston, São Paulo, Singapore, Tokyo and Washington D.C., our team of more than 2,500 employees has an impact on the global economy every day. We offer:

  • The widest range of global benchmark futures and options available across all major asset classes;

  • The most advanced trading technology;

  • Industry-leading clearing and risk management capabilities;

  • A relentless customer focus, serving leading investment and commercial banks, hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, asset managers, corporations and individual traders; and,

  • A great place to work.

With this strong foundation in place, we are looking to continue growing our business in both listed and over-the-counter markets. To support this growth, we are seeking highly motivated individuals to help foster our corporate culture and uphold our core values of leading with conviction and integrity, advancing the global economy, building lasting relationships and acting with ingenuity every day.

We hope you will consider joining our world-class team.