Citizens Options Unlimited Direct Support Professional-Citizens in West Hempstead, New York


Thurs- Sat 3-11p, Sun 7-3p, Mon 2p-10p

  1. Practices and promotes Citizens mission statement in every interaction. Through family and community engagement, Citizens supports people to live the life they choose.

  2. Provide ongoing support to people in becoming active participants in every aspect of their lives (i.e., self-care routines to include feeding, showering, dressing and diapering), health, safety, household chores, socialization and overall well being) and to ensure that a high quality of life is maintained.

  3. Ensures a safe and clean home by providing support to people to assist them with the completion of household chores and by participating in said household chores as needed.

  4. Follows all treatment plans and utilizes all corresponding adaptive and safety equipment needed for each person to promote independence and ensure their health, safety and well-being.

  5. Reports and documents any events/activities that may hinder the health, safety and well-being of the person that reside there (i.e., allegations of abuse, injuries, broken equipment, etc.).

  6. Reports to the Justice Center as a mandated reporter if there is reasonable cause to suspect abuse or neglect. Additionally, must follow all agency incident policy and procedures.

  7. Adheres to Federal and New York State regulations, agency policy and procedures, the employee handbook and agency and program training requirements.

  8. Successfully completes and maintains AMAP certification and assists people supported with medication administration according to the AMAP policy and procedures.

  9. Supports people in preparing meals by teaching concepts such as diet adherence, portion control and cooking skills.

  10. Assists people with medication administration according to the AMAP policy and procedure.

  11. Arrives to work by the start of scheduled shift, adheres to agency policy and procedures in regard to call offs and overtime to ensure quality support is provided to people each day.

  12. Implements and documents all treatment plans and other agency related materials via Medisked or paper documentation (i.e., goals, valued outcomes, medical case notes, communication logs, BM and menses charts, transportation logs, etc.) to assist person in achieving independence in their selected goals and to ensure their health, safety and well-being.

  13. Serves as member of the inter-disciplinary team by attending and participating in all meetings to discuss person’s progress and goal achievements and to offer and gather information and ideas.

  14. Accompanies and/or transports people using safe driving practices on medical appointments, shopping, recreational outings, to programs and any other outings.

  15. Mentors and acts as a role model for new Direct Support Staff by demonstrating supportive routines and by reviewing training manuals to ensure new employees are sufficiently groomed to complete responsibilities.

  16. Performs all other duties as requested by supervisor.

This position requires regular and substantial unsupervised or unrestricted physical contact with people receiving services and, therefore, is subject to successful completion of fingerprint/criminal background check.


This position requires the following: A High School Diploma or GED; a valid New York State Driver’s License that is also qualified in accordance with agency’s insurance standards; successful completion and maintenance of AMAP status; the ability to communicate and understand written and oral directives/information and an excellent team player with a positive attitude.

Requisition Number: 16-0886

Post Date: 9/11/2017

Title: Direct Support Professional-Citizens

City: West Hempstead

State: NY